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Team Science Toolkit


The Team Science Toolkit is a user-generated collection of information and resources that support the practice and study of team science. The Toolkit connects professionals from many disciplines, providing a platform for sharing knowledge and tools to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of team science initiatives. Westat worked extensively with NCI’s Science of Team Science team to develop the toolkit. Taking an iterative development approach, Westat used multiple rounds of usability testing—from heuristic reviews to individual hands-on sessions with target users—to inform each stage in the development process. The centerpiece of the Toolkit is a database that allows users to freely upload and download resources, sharing information with their colleagues and disseminate key tools, measures, and instruments. Users can also add to the bibliography of key publications and the expert directory, and contribute to the blog. The website launched in 2011 and currently features more than 400 user-submitted entries.

Westat provides marketing and promotion services for the toolkit, developing print materials such as fact sheets and scientific posters and providing support for conference activities. We also make recommendations for additional products and strategies aimed at specific target audiences.