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National Eye Institute (NEI) Electronic Communications Products


Since 1998, Westat has designed and developed several award-winning products in support of NEI’s education and public outreach activities:

  • The NEI website. We provide a round-the-clock security and server support and recording user metrics. We also perform ongoing maintenance and enhancement based on usability testing and customer feedback. The site includes a photograph, image, and PSA catalog containing hundreds of downloadable materials; a resources database; and an online publications catalog with a secure system for credit card orders.
  • Eye on NEI, the Institute’s monthly online news magazine giving science-minded readers an inside look at the vision research process. Lauded as an example of plain language layout and design principles in action, Eye on NEI features a clean layout and captivating images and videos.
  • See All You Can See, a multimedia web portal that teaches eye anatomy, health, and safety for children aged 7 to 10. Dynamic Flash games incorporate optical illusions and anatomical illustration with drag-and-drop features, word matching, and multiple choice quizzes. The site also includes animated instructional videos.
  • THE EYE SITE, a traveling exhibit featuring an interactive touchscreen program to educate consumers about low vision. Activities included pretesting, developing exhibit components and promotional materials, and organizing the nationwide tour.

Westat-developed NEI products have won the following awards:

  • For the NEI website
  • 2010 Web Health Awards, Silver Award (government category);
  • World Wide Web Health Awards, 2003–2008; one Silver, two Bronze, and seven Merit Awards;
  • 2008 Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, Gold MarCom Award;
  • 2008 W3 Awards, Silver Award (government category); and
  • 2007 World Wide Web Health Awards, Gold Award.
  • For Eye on NEI
  • 2011 National Association of Government Communicators, First Place Blue Pencil/Gold Screen Award
  • NIH Plain Language Award;
  • National Partnership for Reinventing Government Award; and
  • National Institute for Standards and Technology Best Practices in Science Education Award.