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Annual Employee Survey

Under a contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Westat conducted the 2007 DHS Annual Employee Survey. The web-based survey, secured by login credentials, assessed job satisfaction and perceptions of the work environment. Along with instrument development and programming, Westat developed an online survey management system to track survey progress. The system also computed and generated reports on overall response rates as well as DHS agency-specific response rates. Westat analyzed the data and prepared final reports for overall DHS findings, agency components, and an executive briefing.

In a second contract Westat provided analytic and consultation support services and more in-depth analysis of the survey data. Tasks conducted under this contract included:

  • Preparation of a data set that ensured employee confidentiality by removing identifiers, recoding key identifying variables, and suppressing small cell sizes.
  • Development of material, recruitment, and execution of focus groups.
  • Development and execution of web-based, quick-turnaround mini-surveys.
  • Implementation and utilization of the Westat developed web-based statistical reporting tool, WesDaX, and provision of technical support to allow clients and collaborators, through secured log-in, to run online analyses and generate reports using the weighted or unweighted data.
  • Report of findings, with recommendations for action plans and measurement of progress on initiatives.