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E-Verify Evaluation Survey

Over a 15 year period, Westat has conducted evaluations of the E-Verify Program, a web--based system that allows employers to verify new employees’ employment eligibility through a secure Internet connection. The goals of the multimodal evaluation were to (1) assess program performance, (2) assess the impact of E-Verify on employers and workers in a mandated state environment, with a focus on Arizona, and (3) examine the proper implementation of the E-Verify Program and the advantages and disadvantages of such a program from the perspectives of users and nonusers. The project included a national web survey of approximately 3,700 users to explore employer satisfaction and compliance with E-Verify procedures. Results of the survey were compared with surveys conducted by Westat in 2008 and 2010. Additionally, several online and telephone focus groups of employers were used to test and refine survey items. A case study of employers with workers who were not immediately authorized to work between January and March 2013 was also conducted.

Deliverables included five reports summarizing evaluation results and proposing recommendations for program changes and future research.

This project demonstrates Westat’s abilities and experience with quantitative survey data methodology; experience with survey design and statistical sampling in a web-survey based context; experience conducting surveys on employment-related issues in the public, private, and non-profit sectors; a strong collaborative working style with the ability to be responsive to the needs of multiple stakeholders, including working with Federal partners and employer organizations; and communication skills, both written and oral.