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Center for Education Compensation Reform



Westat supported the CECR project from 2006-2012. Grantees were supported through ongoing technical assistance and developing and disseminating timely resources to assist them in implementing their performance pay plans. Westat also supports ED on monitoring efforts to ensure grantees are in compliance with Federal laws, guidance, and regulations. Activities include developing monitoring plans and protocols, assisting grantees in developing goals and objectives, and conducting on-site program and fiscal reviews. In the area of public awareness, Westat developed content on an array of issues including value-added measurement, teacher and principal evaluations, program implementation and evaluation, effective communication and stakeholder engagement, and data quality. Information is released through a project website, listservs, newsletters, webinars, videos, and podcasts as well as personal outreach to and workshops for organizations, states, and LEAs.

PRODUCTS: Reports, compliance documents, issue briefs, case summaries, an annotated bibliography, research syntheses, monthly newsletters, videos, podcasts, webinars, brochures, on-line library and resources, listservs, website, monthly reports