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The Department of Education created the Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative (T2T) in 2004 to support teachers in meeting the teacher quality provisions of the No Child Left Behind legislation. The project required identifying the needs of and supporting teachers to strengthen their content expertise. The hallmark of the initiative was the delivery of high-quality professional development for teachers by teachers through a Teacher Training Corp (TTC). The T2T provided information directly to teachers, including support and resources for raising student achievement and examples of success in the classroom. Westat managed the call for TTC members and presentations, reviewed their submissions to ensure that they were based on scientifically based principles, and recommended them to ED for final selection. Approximately 100 educators trained in adult-learning theory and effective presentation techniques were accepted into this prestigious group. Activities included:

  • Regional Workshops — More than 25,000 teachers attended 87 different T2T workshops. Sessions were delivered by TTC members on using data effectively, reaching the needs of all students, and conducting research-based strategies in reading, math, science, foreign language, and history.
  • District Workshops — The T2T worked directly with 23 districts to provide training based on their data-driven needs and goals.
  • American Stars of Teaching — More than 250 teachers were honored from 11,000 nominations received for the American Stars of Teaching. Westat managed the competition for this initative.
  • Digital eLearning Modules — Westat, and our partner Informatics, created a series of eLearning modules for teachers including: 1) a series for teachers of Native American students; 2) Doing What Works Clearinghouse support on English Language Learners and Encouraging Girls in Math and Science that provided information about the latest research from the Institute of Education Sciences; 3) Got the HOTS for Inquiry, a workshop for high school science teachers that shared strategies on teaching using higher order thinking skills in the biology classroom; and 4) National Math Panel Support designed to explain the findings of the national math panel.

Over the course of the project Westat delivered workshop materials and packets (agendas, presentations, biographies, certificates, etc.), videos, podcasts, eLearning modules, CDs and DVDs, brochures, listserv, content management system, website, and monthly reports.

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